The airfield Obermehler near the city of Schlotheim is for the second time home of the Party.San festival, edition 28. Because of using an airfield area some special codes of behaviour are necessary. Details later. For the first time ever we present the so-called underground stage with five bands a day. Altogether 57 bands play the Party.San in 2024. Naturally we hope being spared from damages, severe wheater and band refusals. Party.San takes place from 08.08.2024 to 10.08.2024.


Again we have two stages. Bands play the main stage from thursday on. Stage two is the tent stage, where we present for the first time a second official stage (underground stage) for seven bands a day. The tent stage is also in use for our aftershow parties supported by our two thuringian radio stations "The New Noise" and "Hellborn Metal Radio". The morning pint has proved very popular last year, so in 2024 a band is playing again on this occasion.

Toilets / Showers / Supply

There will be enough free-to-use portable toilets in place. These are located next to the light towers on the runway and can be easily seen. The toilets will be cleaned daily several times. As last year we provide two sanitary bases with flush toilets and showers. The bases are located on the camping area (south) next to the runway and can be easily seen, too. The so-called flatrate ticket for using both toilets and showers is available again. Get it at service points or box office.

Of course there will be facilities for hand washing and water intake on the camping ground next to service points.

Located between main and backstage entrance you can find a beer garden in addition to the wellknown breakfast tent, opened from wednesday evening. The party tent opens from thursday August 8, daily between 7pm and 3am. Of course we stage our notorious daily after show parties.


Get your tickets in advance! We do not have endless capacities! At the moment we can not make a statement about availabilities of weekend or day tickets at the box office. At the end of June we are able to say something about it.

Catering / Prices

Food and drink supply is guaranteed from wednesday 7pm to sunday morning 11am.

We pay strict attention to high quality catering. Our catering partners have order to provide affordable food and drinks. Our tried and trusted Party.San crew takes care for your drinks once again.

Children and juveniles

Children and juveniles (up to 16) without legal guardian are not admitted to concert or dance events by german law (JuSchG. §9). Juveniles (16 and older) without legal guardian have access to events mentioned above until midnight.

Even so there is one exception. Download this document >>> here <<< and name a legal guardian. Complete the  form and get a sign from your parents or legal guardian. Have this document with you all the time and show it to security if requested.

Your are allowed to stay at the festival area as long as follows: up to 16 until midnight / 16 and older until your legal guardian vetoes.

Service of alcohol to children and juveniles is subject to german law (JuSchG. § 9).

Children and juveniles under 14 accompanied by a legal guardian are admitted free of charge. I.e. you have to pay if you are 14 and older.


Das Mitbringen von Haustieren (im speziellen Hunden) ist verboten!

Bild und Tonaufnahmen

Mit dem Betreten des Festivalgeländes erklärt sich der Gast damit einverstanden, dass von ihm Bild- und Tonaufnahmen gemacht werden können, die einer späteren Veröffentlichung dienen.


Solltet ihr einem Diebstahl zum Opfer fallen, dann wendet euch in bitte direkt an unsere Security, deren Hauptbüro auf dem Geländeplan vermerkt ist. Achtet bitte darauf, dass eure Wertsachen sicher verstaut sind! Wir haben selten Fälle von Diebstahl zu beklagen, wollen euch für dieses Thema dennoch sensibilisieren. Lasst bitte keine Wertgegenstände oder Autoschlüssel in euren Zelten liegen und achtet darauf, dass eure Autos verschlossen sind, wenn ihr den Campingplatz verlasst. Scheut euch also nicht unsere freundliche Security anzusprechen, falls ihr etwas Verdächtiges beobachtet.

(not) to bring along

Weapons, pyrotechnic articles and glassware is strictly prohibited. As every year we have controls at the festival entrance. Considerable violation of the rules may lead to a sending off. About glassware: all forbidden items made of glass (even nutella or gherkin jars) found at the control are withdrawn and destroyed without replacement!

Please leave this shit at home!


Gas cylinders are not prohibited at Party.San Metal Open Air. In individual cases the security staff can seize the gas cylinders which are brought by you. Of course you will get them back after the festival. 

This applies in particular if :  

  • the gas bottle has a capacity greater than 11 kg and is not permanently installed in a camper or motorhome. Maximum one gas bottle per vehicle!
  • unmounted gas cylinders which are not fixed in place may not exceed a maximum filling quantity of 5 kg.
  • the gas cylinder does not have a current TÜV (Annual Technical Safety Inspection) inspection (stamp or sign on the gas cylinder).
  • no pressure regulator or connection hoses with a valid TÜV can be presented. (stamp and/or imprint)
  • the gas system in operation does not have a functionally reliable ignition fuse.
  • no valid gas test is available for operation in caravans / motor homes.  (TÜV sticker)   

Dealing with food/non-food articles without license is strictly forbidden on the festival grounds for anyone but registered traders.

Some words about the unwelcomed issue of political acting and showcasing of political excesses. The shirt ban for national socialist and/or NSBM motives remains in force! The ban is valid for the entire festival and camping area. In fact we see a remarkable improvement over the last years but we have to make clear that we don´t tolerate political shit or the slightest provocation either! This is something for all sides of political display. Raw offenses always involve a report to the police. 

Hygiene Hinweise Party.San Metal Open Air 2022

SARS-CoV-2 (Corona)

There are currently no official requirements regarding infection prevention that go beyond the self-protection of citizens for the Party.San Metal Open Air. Of course, we are interested in making our event as safe as possible and therefore ask you to pay increased attention to hygienic principles.
As a general rule, if you have symptoms of a cold before you arrive, you should get tested before your arrival and if the result is positive, you should refrain from travelling.
Every visitor is of course free to wear a medical or FFP2 mask for his or her own safety - regardless of the situation, whether a minimum distance cannot be guaranteed or as permanent protection.
Those who feel that self-testing is not sufficient have the opportunity to be professionally tested in the DRK tent. As these quick tests will no longer be paid for by the health insurance companies as of 01.07.2022, a price of €15 will be charged for the test.
In the sanitary facilities, you will find disinfection in accordance with the BMAS guidelines and the SARS-CoV-2 occupational health and safety regulations.

(Disinfectants in the sense of this regulation are agents with at least the "limited virucidal" range of action, i.e. sufficient effectiveness against enveloped viruses).

Monkeypox virus, MPXV (monkeypox)

Monkeypox is caused by the monkeypox virus (also known as monkeypox virus, MPXV). Monkeypox is mild in most people and usually heals on its own. However, severe courses can also occur (especially in children or people with a weakened immune system).


  • Close skin-to-skin contact during sex or close hugging, massaging and kissing with an infected person, especially contact with that person's monkeypox rash, sores or scabs.
  • Contact with objects that have been used during sex (e.g. sex toys).
  •  Contact with fabrics (e.g. clothing, bedding or towels) and surfaces that have been used or touched by a person with monkeypox
  • Droplet transmission during conversations with a person who is in the immediate vicinity.

Monkeypox can be transmitted from the onset of symptoms. Currently, transmission through close skin-to-skin contact is observed as the main route of transmission. Only when all wounds, including the scab, have healed and a new layer of skin has formed, one is no longer contagious. This can take several weeks. Cases of monkeypox first appeared in Germany and many other countries in May 2022.

If you notice symptoms of a possible disease in yourself or fear that you have been infected with monkeypox, please contact your doctor so that you can receive the best possible treatment.